School’s Mission

Agenoria S. Paschal/Olinda Elementary School’s mission is to provide a multifaceted educational environment to all stakeholders through the delivery of data driven curriculum. Programs are designed to develop family literacy; lifelong learning and cultural sensitivity to enhance the educational progress of the school’s community and its children. Professional and self-development opportunities will promote teacher proficiency. The authentic involvement of all members of the Educational Excellence School Advisory Council (EESAC) will ensure that all stakeholders are represented in the planning and implementation of the School Improvement Plan. This coordinated effort is intended to raise the expectations of student achievement, teacher performance, and community involvement.


Alma Mater

Young Olindans are we.
Dedicated to the cause of brotherhood and man’s dignity.
We honor our colors, red and white.
At Olinda we believe in doing right –
Go north, south, east or west
Of all the schools in this world we love our own Olinda best!

We believe in freedom, it’s our philosophy.
We’ll hold high our school standard
for all the world to see.
We’ll be faithful and true,
and through the years that follow,
we’ll remember you.
Olinda! Olinda!
We’ll be faithful and true,
and through the years that follow,
We’ll remember you.